Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Collected data

The data taken from the Identity provider (IdP) (currently Facebook):

The user's position is collected, but it is overwritten each time the user re-uploads the position (presses the "show" button). No history of positions are stored.

Shared data

No data will be sold or shared to any third part, unless forced by the laws/authorities.

No data is shared with the IdP. (nothing is written to the users facebook-flow or anything like that).

Deleting data

The user can delete his/her account (all data) of resp app under: (app)>"⚙">"User settings">"Delete account".

Note, that deleting the account from one app, still leaves any account on other apps. So for example deleting an account on will not delete any account on

The data may survive for a while in database backups.


Vandals and those who try to sabotage the service (the sites) may be remembered and blocked.