Available markets

(market) users
transport (couriers / truckers)
window cleaner
   = buyers / customers

   = sellers

Map view when logged in as taxi-driver.



• These sites makes it possible for users (sellers/buyers) to show that they are in the area (the position can be rounded up to 50 km for integrity reasons).

• Users will build up a "reputation" in the form of statistics and complaints:

  • Statistics:
    • Account age
    • Total time visible
    • Total time visible in the last 30 days
  • Complaints: Unhappy users can write a complaint.
    • which the complainee can an answer.
    • If a settlement or consensus is reached, then the users can delete their entry or change it.
    • One can list all complaints from a certain complainer as well as all the complaints on a complainee (again to discourage misuse).
• Everyone must appear with their ID (currently Facebook-ID), this is to discourage misuse.

• The user can at anytime delete his/her account, and start on a fresh turn (both positive and negative reputation is deleted) (Excepted are those who deliberately tries to misuse and sabotage the sites).

• The sites works on both computers and smartphones. (See also: Tested browsers)

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Background Location Broadcaster A separate tool for continuous tracking in the background

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Background Location Broadcaster A separate tool for continuous tracking in the background.

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